FilmcrewNQ offers the most comprehensive film lighting, grip and electrics package in North and North West Queensland. Look over the trucks inventory, it’s fuller than a centipede’s sock draw and the perfect companion for your film, commercial or documentary. We have a solid reputation with real runs on the board, access to local crews and hard earned local knowledge. 

About Us

Aerial filming and photography

Licensed and certified CASA UAV/drone operators.

Remote operators certificate (ReOC), Aeronautical radio operators certificate (AROC) and remote pilots license (RePL). We are qualified to operate up to sub 25kg drones, night visual line of sight (NVLOS). We carry a fully loaded DJI Inspire 2 cinema package (with Cinema DNG & Apple ProRes) including lens options.

Our DJI Cendence remote option can offer live broadcasters and journalists a network broadcast signal out (1080i/50) to offer an ‘eye in the sky’ and the ultimate viewing pleasure.

If you are planning on aerial filming we can provide the local efficiency and support needed for any project.

Lighting, grips, electrical and more…

Our Pantech’s are a well-stocked wonderland of just about every tool you need to tackle your on-set tasks and technical needs. Lights (HMI, LED, Tungsten, Flouro), overheads and modifiers, stands and accessories, clamps and clips, apple boxes, sandbags and furniture pads, production supplies, expendables, generators and everything else needed to assist your production. And we’re right here on the ground to assist with logistics, location support, approvals and networks. It’s better with a true local!

Two combo trucks and a lot of gear

FilmCrewNQ Truck Inventory


Soft light, hard light, bounce light, reflected light. Whatever the mood you are looking for, we have a solution. Gaffers, Best Boy/Person, lighting assistants ready, willing and able. 


What’s light without modifiers? Diffusion frames up to 20×20, scrims, silks, backdrops, gels, and accessories including cutters, black wrap, and colorgels to deliver the look.


It’s all about support. Spud adapters, baby plates, scissor clips, carts, stands, grid clamps, C-stands, apple boxes, ladders, blankets… there’s a truck full of problem solvers, check it out.


On set monitors, dollies and track, suspension arm, cranes, bazooka risers, rigging, smooth sliders and mounting adaptors to mount your camera to virtually anything.


Including generators, smoke machines, atmospheric haze, extension leads and festoon party lights. Onboard Test and tag facility.


Outdoor essentials including marquees, tables, chairs, safety gear, cleaning supplies, first aid, and ‘get out of jail free’ items for a seamless experience.

Facilitation Credits

Collaborations with Exceptional Brands

Local, experienced, ready when you are!

We know Regional Queensland like the back of our hand. The roads, towns and it’s people. With a deep local knowledge and extensive production experience, our footprint covers the Whitsundays, West to Mount Isa and North to Thursday Island. Our resources are uniquely tailored for the environment we operate in.

Contact us

It’s better with a local, FilmCrewNQ

Have questions for your next production. Need location scouts, local producers, catering, first aid, helicopters, boats or barges? Give us a call or drop us an email.

John Baker

Cameron McGrath

Lighting Department

  • 1 x 4/2.5Kw HMI PAR – 5 lens set
  • 1 x 1.8kW HMI PAR – 5 lens set
  • 1 x 1.2kW HMI Fresnel
  • Astera TITAN TUBES 8 light kit
  • 1 x Aputure 1200D PRO all weather 1.6Kw with 1440W power draw
  • 2 x Apture 600D PRO, F10 Fresnel, Barndoors, Lantern 90
  • 1 x 575w HMI PAR – 5 lens set
  • 1 x 400w HMI Mini PAR kit (AC/DC) – 5 lens set
  • 2 x 200w HMI Mini PAR kit (AC/DC) – 5 lens set
  • 1 x CREAMSOURCE Dopio 5600k Pro kit with V-Lock plate & soft box
  • 4 x Aputure Nova 600C RGBWW LED panel, barndoors, grid, modifiers
  • 2 x Aputure Nova 300C RGBWW LED panel V-lock + accessories
  • 2 x Aputure Lightstorm 120DII LED kit. Light Dome. Fresnel 2x. Lantern
  • 3 x Aputure Lightstorm LS60X bi colour focusable
  • 1 x Spotlight Mini for LS60 with Gobo set
  • 2 x Aputure MC 4 light kit RGBWW LED (8 lights total)
  • 8  x bulb kit Aputure Accent smart LED practical lamps
  • 1 x Kino Flo Barfly kit 5500K
  • 1 x Kino Flo Diva 400 5500K
  • 1 x Kino Flo Diva 200 5500
  • 1 x Kini Flo Mini Flo ‘Car kit’ AC/DC
  • 1 x FilmGear Flo Box 4 bank 4ft/2ft balanced flouro kits
  • 1 x 800w Tungsten 3 head kit FILMGEAR S3
  • GODOX Liteflow 50/25/15/716 piece kit

Lighting control/Modifiers

  • 6 1200×1200 diffuser frames (251/250/216)
  • 1 5ft Octo dome with 40degree snapgrid + rabbit rears
  • 4 1200×1200 black floppies
  • 3 1200×1200 poly boards
  • 20×20’ overhead frame
  • 12×12’ overhead frame
  • 8×8’ overhead frame
  • 6×6’ overhead frame
  • 20×20’ Rocket silent ½ Grid, Rocket silent ¼ Grid
  • 12×12’ Artificial silk, ½ Silent Grid, Grifflon, black solid
  • 12×12′ Blue screen & 12×12′ Green Screen
  • 8×8’ Ultra bounce, black solid, DGKT
  • 6×6’ Silk/Black scrim/Double black scrim/Solid
  • 20×12’ Black solid
  • Various – cutters
  • Various – pop outs
  • Various – black washing
  • Various – CTO/CTB/ND/Colour gels/Diffusers
  • Various – 216, 217, 251, plus green, minus green
  • Black wrap
  • Black plastic (for blacking out large sections of windows

Gripping Department

  • 2 shelf magliner senior cart with 10” inch wheels
  • 2 Matthews wide base Mombo Combo’s – 24ft
  • 4 Avenger overhead stands with jumbo grip heads
  • 2 Avenger minimax stands (A630B)
  • 4 Riser combo senior stands
  • 4 Matthews slider stands
  • GFM Bazooka risers
  • Lollipop mounts, offsets, risers
  • 10 x 40” Avenger C-Stands with grip arm kit
  • 4  x 20” Kupo C-Stands with grip arm kit
  • Set of 3 apple boxes Full, ½, ¼, 1/8 in coffin box trolly
  • 3 Nesting apple box sets
  • Box various cribbing, packing, track wedges
  • 6 Manfrotto variable friction arms
  • 14 D200 Grip heads
  • 12 Convi clamps
  • 5 Cardellini clamps
  • 2 Quacker/Duckbill clamps
  • 8 Manfrotto mafer clamps
  • 4 Avenger E200 stand adapters
  • 2 big ben clamps
  • 2 Avenger eye coupler with lifting ring
  • 2 Avenger eye coupler with 16mm spigot
  • 2 Matthew Hollywood grip heads
  • Adaptor pins, spigots
  • Wayco ladder with 100mm camera mounting plate (quick high shots)
  • Small & large step ladder
  • Sound/Removalist blankets
  • Tub tie downs, ropes, sashes
  • Steel spring clamps
  • Sound/Removalist blankets
  • Battery powered drill – Lithium
  • DWD40, INOX, Contact sprays
  • Toolkit + get out of jail nuts & bolts selection
  • 30 big show shot bags
  • Various Scaffolding, 12ft, 8ft, 6ft, 4ft sections
  • 1 x Menace Arm
  • 3 x baby wall plates
  • SPEEDRAIL Go kit

Production/camera Department

  • SMALL HD Cine 13″ agile, bright, and pixel-dense 4K production monitor 1500nits
  • ATOMOS Neon 17″ SDR reference monitor, HDR preview, 4K recording, 1000nits
  • 21.5″ HD client monitor
  • MOVIETECH Magnum dolly, accessories, 60ft of mastertrack. 
  • Dana dolly kit with straight and curved track
  • Ride on western dolly, jib arm, offsets, vibration isolator, straight track
  • RICKSHAW – Professional ride on, three wheel shock absorber system & mounting for suspension arm & bazooka risers
  • 30ft Camera Crane, vibration isolator, remote head
  • Ronin 2 & Movi mounting adaptor for Camera Crane
  • MOVMAX precision slider 1200mm, 150 bowl, 100 bowl, Mitchell mount
  • Suspension arm MOVMAX Air N2 with up to 40Kg payload (think blackarm)
  • Complete car rigging system for suspension arm
  • Spyder pod vehicle camera mounting kit
  • Hi Hat 100mm
  • Cinesaddle

Electrical Department

  • Yamaha 2.4Kw silenced generator
  • Honda 1kw silenced generator
  • Beamz pro faze machine – continuous output
  • Vaperiza smoke machine and fluid
  • Thermal propane fogger and fluid
  • Battery-powered blower
  • 12 10a extension leads
  • 15a extension leads
  • 20a extension leads
  • Various powerboards 3 sets
  • Festoon party lights warm white (13meters)
  • 1 Rope/ribbon party light


  • 3x3mtr marquee with blackout sides
  • 4.5m x 3m marquee with blackout sides
  • 2 foldout tables
  • 10 chairs
  • 20 safety vests
  • Various sun umbrellas
  • Large esky
  • 15 safety cones
  • Rake, broom, dustpan & brush, small vacum, blower
  • Pop-out bins
  • Pop-out change room
  • Garbage disposal bags
  • Various cleaning cloths, cleaning sprays
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire banket
  • First aid kit
  • Mosquito spray Sun Cream SPF50+